So I we went to see The Dark Knight Rises last night and I gotta say I didn’t think it was that great. The first 2 were way better. I didn’t enjoy the first hour of the film, I felt like the movie didn’t flow. It kept jumping from one scene to the next. The score was also distorted, this was the cinema’s fault but I have heard many complaints about the sound in different cinema’s. Anne Hathaway was a very sexy Catwoman but I just can’t see her as a bad girl. I think The Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted have branded her as the sweet girl next door.
Now before some of you get mad, I will tell you what I did like. The plot twists were awesome, I didn’t see them coming. I kept whacking my partner on the arm out of excitement when certain things came to light and I recognized a few familiar face’s from sci-fi/fantasy shows in the cast. Like one of the cops from Grimm and the guy that played Teal’c in SG1. The two new modes of transport were fantastic. That bike and ‘The Bat’ were so wicked I would give a limb for just one ride.
With all that said I think Bane stole the show. It should have been called ‘Bane Rises’. Tom Hardy was excellent. I couldn’t picture who the actor was during the movie and I hadn’t recognized the name but soon as I got a small glimpse of his face I knew who he was straight away. The dude from the last Star Trek: Nemesis. He plays bad guys well. Come to think of it all three of the Nolan’s Dark Knight movies had brilliant bad guys, they kind of over shadow Batman.
Even though I wasn’t completely impressed I do think The Dark Knight Rises is worth a watch just take note that it is flipping long and if you not keen on sitting in a cinema for hours, wait for it to come out on DVD.