Simon Brew

Jul 18, 2017

Two more DC films are coming in 2020, with Wonder Woman 2 and Gotham City Sirens amongst the candidates…

We’re guessing we’re all pretty familiar with the drill by now. Studios now seem to announce big blockbusters in stages, first by staking out the dates in advance, then by revealing what will fill those dates later down the line.

As such, Warner Bros has now earmarked February 14th 2020 and June 5th 2020 for a pair of thus-far untitled DC films. It had scheduled Green Lantern Corps and Cyborg for 2020 already, in April and July respectively. Both are looking like longer shots right now to hit those dates. There’s at least some sign of progress with Green Lantern Corps, but we’ve not heard anything about Cyborg for some time now.

Instead, the wiser money seems to be on Wonder Woman 2, Gotham City Sirens and possibly Batgirl taking those dates. Announcements may follow at San Diego Comic-Con this coming weekend though.

We’ll fill in the gaps when we can…