Kirsten Howard

Dec 6, 2017

A festive, feature-length episode of ITV's Victoria awaits us on Christmas Day. Details…

Fans of ITV’s lavish period drama Victoria have been twiddling their thumbs since the conclusion of series 2 in mid-October, waiting for word of a planned Christmas special, and on the 25th of December they’ll get a lovely gift in the form of a royal 2-hour romp (er, do people who aren’t working in tabloids use the word ‘romp’?) which will get underway at 9pm.

Here’s the somewhat sinister trailer for the special…

"Christmas will always be a time of enchantment." #Victoria. Christmas Day @ITV

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Jenna Coleman will reprise her role as Queen Victoria once more in the Christmas romp [they definitely don’t use it twice – Ed] and Jordan Waller will be back as Lord Alfred, who’s been having a terrible time of it since the death of his beloved Edward, but there may be some respite ahead.

“Although Lord Alfred will never be able to forget Drummond – and this will be explored in the Christmas special and perhaps beyond into a third season, the fact is that he has to come to terms with accepting a form of happiness,” Jordan Waller recently revealed to Digital Spy. “But I can’t say in what form that comes.”

More as we have it.