If you’ve been following our regular Facebook/Twitter posts you will notice that we recently had a post about IT and it lead to quite a lengthy discussion about what made that movie so terrifying. This lead to me writing this article and list some of the most terrifying horror movies of the past few decades.

For those not familiar with IT, or it’s many horror counterparts, let’s take a look at what we deem to be some of the scariest movies of our generation.

Stephen King’s IT


Jumping right into the reason for this article, we take a look at IT, a story based on a book written by the master of horror himself, Stephen King. It follows a group of young people, who during their youth encounter a whole slew of terrifying ordeals, all orchestrated by what is thought to be a mysterious clown. The clown is simply referred to as IT and is spoken about in only whispers. All the kids of the town of Derry, Maine fears this force of evil until one day, the above mentioned group of kids find a way to stop IT. Fast forward to several years later and the kids; now grown-ups, had all but forgotten about their harrowing ordeal with the great evil beneath Derry which has now returned and only they, who stopped it so many years before, can do so again. Check out the trailer below to see just what scared the daylights out of the kids who grew up during the 90’s.


The Exorcist


Next up is one of the creepiest and soul-wrenching movies I have ever seen. For its time, The Exorcist had visual effects that was akin to real life. I don’t care what you say, but a head turning around like that while still laughing was realistically scary enough to make me want to switch off the movie and catch a breather before carrying on at a later year. Yes, The Exorcist chronicles the exorcism of a young girl by a Catholic priest in a violent and scary manner. From the demon talking in tongues, to the downright soul-scarring moment where he starts to talk like the one priest’s mother, you will not find many moments in horror history that can match up to that, but you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the trailer below and watch the movie to see for yourself…*shudders*.

The Ring


Next up is the story of a little girl who was wrongfully chucked down into a well and came back as a batshit crazy demon from hell bent on destroying anyone who just so happens to watch a video recording of said well. Doesn’t make any sense to you either huh? Well yeah, finding its origins in Japanese horror is The Ring. It really scared the bejesus out of me, especially when she started climbing out of the TV….OMG it’s happening again!


The Grudge


Speaking of the Japanese and their weird notion of horror we come to The Grudge, based off of the Japanese film of a similar name (Juon – The Grudge). It tells the story based upon a legend that whosoever dies in a fit of rage or anger, will harbour a supernatural grudge against…pretty much whoever encroaches on your personal space. Nothing creeps me out more than the sound that little boy makes. It sends cold shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

Nightmare on Elm Street Series


So you think you’re safe when you’re asleep? WRONG. Freddy Kreuger has been haunting our dreams since the 1980’s in this supernatural murder fest series. Don’t fall asleep or Freddy will murderise you a thousand ways from Sunday. Yes that’s right, whoever he kills in their sleep, dies for real! With his signature burnt vissage and knife-glove, Freddy has been killing dumb/horny teenagers in creative ways that will send you into fits of terror and Robert Englund has become a mainstay and recognized actor as a result of the Elm Street films. Just remember….Every town has an Elm Street, you could be NEXT!

Halloween Series


Speaking of 70’s/80’s horror legends, let’s talk about Michael Meyers. No not Austin Powers, although this guy does just about the same amount of stabbing, if not more, albeit with a knife and not…never mind. Michael Meyers is the quintessential escaped mental patient, but with a difference. It is never really explicitly said, but he has quite a bit of a zombie-vibe going for him as he is emotionless, violence driven and well…he doesn’t seem to be able to die, and trust me the protagonists have tried to kill him. Again and again and…again. He just keeps coming back and he ends up killing whoever tried to kill him, so its a lose lose situation I’m afraid. He is just unstoppable and every time he appears it just brings you to the edge of terror…

Poltergeist Series


The Poltergeist series of movies has got to be one of the most terror-inducing, horrifying and downright scary series of movies ever made, purely for the fact that introduced viewers to the horrifying reality of mischievous and violent ghosts. Imagine chairs floating around (and often flying towards you…trying to kill you), cutlery flying out of drawers…and your daughter becoming inexplicably connected to this supernatural thing…wait what? Yep, the ti-titular Poltergeist begins to form an unhealthy bond with the little girl pictured above and scaryness ensues. Don’t let me spoil it for you, watch the movies. You won’t regret it…or maybe you will, if you have a weak heart.

These are just a few of our favourite scary movies of the last few decades. Which horror films did you find particularly terror-inducing? Tell us about the films that left its scar in your psyche in the comments below.