Simon Brew

Aug 22, 2017

James Cameron explains why the Blu-ray release of True Lies and The Abyss took a back seat…

Amongst the notable absentees on the Blu-ray format are two James Cameron features that could happily enjoy the upgrade to 1080p.

The films in question? 1989’s underwater adventure The Abyss, and 1995’s Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, True Lies. Cameron has been said to have been working on Blu-rays for both in the past, but over a decade into the life of the format, and neither film has appeared yet.

James Cameron has given an update on his plans, and he’s confirmed that both films are still on the way. “I’m working on that”, he said to The Arnold Fans. “The True Lies Blu-ray and The Abyss Blu-ray have sort of fallen off my to-do list, getting one, not two, but four Avatar sequels stood up and going. But now that that has happened, I can actually take care of business. So yes, that is coming”.

Filming on the Avatar sequels kicks off before the end of the year, so it’s unclear just when he’ll fit them in. But at least they seem to be back on his agenda. More as we hear it…

The Arnold Fans