No I’m not being vulgar. I was dragged to the Tchaikovsky ballet as a child so I know the story. Although this movie has nothing to do with comic’s I wanted to post it because it has an awesome steam punk feel to it.

It was released last year, I didn’t see one trailer here. Anyways check out the vid and keep an eye for the movie.

John Turturro – The Rat King
Nathan Lane – Uncle Albert
Elle Fanning – Mary
John Turturro – Mouse King
Frances De La Tour – Frau Eva/the Rat Queen/ Rat Mother/Fraulein Eva
Daniel Peacock – Gielgud
Aaron Michael Drozin – Max
Shirley Henderson – The Nutcracker
Richard E. Grant – Father
Nathan Lane – Uncle Albert
Aaron Michael Drozin – Fritz
Hugh Sachs – Tinker
Sandor Nagy – Rebel