Kirsten Howard

Sep 12, 2017

Telltale Games "would love to do something" with Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror in the future…

With a fourth season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror about to hit Netflix and a series of anthology books also on the way, could the grim universe of tech nightmares be heading for the world of video games? If Telltale get their way, maybe.

In a recent interview with PC GamerJob Stauffer – head of Telltale’s creative communications – seemed more than interested in pursuing a Black Mirror game in the future.

“What would I personally like to see Telltale do? I’m really proud of the work that we’ve gotten to do over the years, and a lot of the surprises we have in store,” he mused. “But personally, and this isn’t something that we’re doing, I’ve been a big fan of Black Mirror and Charlie Brooker’s work. [It’s] a phenomenal, phenomenal series. It’s a mind-blowing anthology with every season. This is my personal take, please don’t confuse this with something that we’re actually doing, but Charlie, if you’re out there, we would, I would, love to do something on Black Mirror.”

Brooker spent a huge chunk of his early career writing about video games and still seems more than happy to spend time chatting about them, so the idea of he and Telltale – who have developed a whole host of other TV properties for the market in the past, including CSI, The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones – creating something together is certainly an intriguing one.

More on this if we have it.