John Saavedra

Aug 22, 2017

The Duffer Bros. have confirmed that Stranger Things season 3 is a go!

Although Stranger Things season 2 isn’t due out until October, we’ve already received our first bit of season 3 news. In an interview with New York Magazine, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have confirmed that Netflix has already greenlit a third season of the show. They also revealed that there will likely be a fourth season that will probably be the show’s last. 

“We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out,” Ross told NYM. “We just have to keep adjusting the story,” said Matt. “Though I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year.”

It’s true, after three straight years of monsters invading the town of Hawkins, Indiana, it might be time for the characters to pitch their tents elsewhere.

“They’re going to have to get the fuck out of this town!” said Ross. “It’s ridiculous!”

It wasn’t revealed if season 3 would arrive in 2018, but it seems likely. For now, you can expect Stranger Things season 2 on Oct. 27.