Simon Brew

Aug 18, 2017

Stephen Daldry is in early talks to direct an Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars spin-off movie.

We were promised this summer that the identity of the next Star Wars anthology feature, due in 2020, would be revealed. It now seems that the film in question will be an Obi-Wan Kenobi anthology movie.

It’s a project that’s certainly been rumoured for some time, and there’s no guarantee that it will be the 2020 release. But there does finally seem substance to it. Whilst a script is not in place yet, nor has a screenwriter been appointed, there is a director involved. Billy Elliot helmer Stephen Daldry is set to be in talk to make the new film.

Disney and Lucasfilm hasn’t confirmed the news, of course, but it’s the first sign of another Star Wars film’s identity being revealed in a while. It does beg the question as to whether there’s room for Ewan McGregor in this one if it does go ahead, or if it’ll follow a much younger story for the character.
More as we get it, of course. We suspect an announcement can’t be too far away…