I have many conflicting emotions about this movie – not sure if it’s love or hate! Or perhaps this confusion is just a side product of being blonde and trying to follow a rather complex plot….

In any event, on the positive side:

The Last Jedi offers plenty of strong messages.  For instance: Most of the “good guys” in this conflict are ready to sacrifice themselves for their cause, and some indeed pay the ultimate price.  The heroes hold true to their values and try to do the right thing. The characters actually learn something about themselves, like what they’re willing to morally do to win the war.

Visually and experientially it is gorgeous – you feel as though you are genuinely in another galaxy. In places it is hilariously funny, with fist-pumpingly exciting moments.


It’s a long (almost 2 1/2 hours – phew!), bewildering movie with too many characters and story lines – the plot was simply too cluttered for me to enjoy – was that casino subplot really necessary? Is there too much sexual innuendo / breasts on display for kids? I guess we may disagree on that score, depending on who you are.

But for fans of the franchise, this film will be a winner (I admit openly that I’m not a huge fan and I haven’t seen all the moves, hence the slightly *meh* response).