Simon Brew

Oct 6, 2017

Todd MacFarlane is bringing Spawn back to the big screen – very much on his own terms, too…

Todd MacFarlane has been trying to get another movie version of Spawn off the ground for some time now, and it looks like he’s made progress. At New York Comic-Con, MacFarlane has now confirmed that the new movie is a go and that production is set to start in early 2018. February, in fact. He also confirmed that it’s going to be an R-rated movie – “dark and R-rated” – and that the script for the movie is ready.

Pre-production commences immediately after Christmas, and MacFarlane has also promised to give regular updates on the filming via his social media accounts. He’s directing the film himself, with a $10m budget to do so. He’s effectively self-funding the project, which doesn’t, as of yet, have distribution.

As we hear more, we’ll let you know.