Kirsten Howard

Oct 9, 2017

What are you doing next Sunday at 8pm? A brand new series of Robot Wars is about to start…

Robot Wars fans rejoice! We’re about to get a brand new series of the show, starring Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon (and, of course, commentator Jonathan Pearce), starting on the 22nd of October at 8pm on BBC2.

Series 9 will feature a new competition format, which is set to include both Robot Redemption and a magnificent-sounding Ten Robot Rumble – a fight to the death between ten robots, with no time limit, which will decide who’ll snatch the wildcard for the Grand Final.

The Robot Wars arena in Glasgow will also see old and new bots duke it out in fresh settings, such as The Fog Of War, where the robots will struggle to defend – and also attack – hampered by a fighting ground covered in fog. Dead Metal, Matilda, Shunt, and Sir Killalot will most likely use that to their advantage, we suspect.

Here’s a brief trailer for the upcoming series…

More as we have it.