Simon Brew

Jul 18, 2017

RoboDoc looks to be an exhaustive lookback at the making of RoboCop. Here's the trailer…

30 years after its original release, the promised documentary looking into the making of RoboCop is nearly complete. Boasting interviews with over 90 of the original cast and crew, including director Paul Verhoeven, we’re promised a feature-length retrospective of the film.

An extended trailer for the documentary has been released, which throws in an awful lot of behind the scenes footage, as well as quite detailed input from people behind the scenes. The film will also look at the extended franchise too.

The only key figure who doesn’t seem to appear in RoboDoc is Peter Weller, and instead, archive interviews with him have been weaved into the material.

Here’s the trailer for RoboDoc

RoboDoc is set for release later this year.