Its amazing what one can find randomly on the net. I came across this alien looking creature and could not pass up sharing what has the be the best real-life interpretation of the Venom symbiote I’ve ever seen. It looks like it landed on Earth on the back of a meteor. If this guy bit me, I would actually be disappointed if I didn’t develop superpowers within the day.




This is a Brahmin Caterpillar, it belongs to the Brahmaeidae family of insects in the Lepidoptera order, commonly known as brahmin moths.



Although one would think the moth that emerges from this caterpillar’s cocoon would be a thing of nightmares, its actually quite beautiful.





FYI: Butterflies and moths belong to the order Lepidoptera, which is derived from the Greek words for “scaled wing.” There are over 180,000 species in this order, only about 10 percent, however, are butterflies – the rest are moths. The first primitive moths evolved over 140 million years ago (butterflies, the belles of the ball, came fashionably late about 40 million years ago).