Matthew Byrd

Aug 15, 2017

One of Capcom's masterpieces may be getting an upgrade, as word surfaces of Okami HD…

Reports suggest that Capcom is developing an HD re-release of their 2006 action-adventure title, Okami

This report comes to us from Kotaku UK who claim that two different sources have informed that an HD version of Okami will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in December. Kotaku UK claims to have seen images from the release calendars from two different European game retailers which list a December 12th release date for the reported HD re-release. 

If this information is accurate, that would mean that this re-release will be available in both physical and digital formats unlike the 2013 PS3 version of the game which could only be downloaded digitally. 

We have reached out to Capcom’s representatives for comment but have not received a reply. We will update this story if and when we hear back.

Given that Capcom has previously stated that they’re interested in revisiting several classic franchises in the future, it certainly makes sense that they would have plans in place for the re-release of titles like Okami

Even though Okami is no stranger to re-releases, the original title is still considered to be more of a cult classic than a bonafide sensation. At the time of its release, Okami was considered by many to be the best Zelda game not made by Nintendo. Okami certainly featured the large levels, quests, and combat stylings of Nintendo’s famous series (at least before Breath Of The Wild changed things up), but Okami‘s hand-painted art style and unique paintbrush mechanics helped establish the title’s personality. 

While we still hold out hope for a Switch version of Okami, we’ll take any excuse we can get to experience this somewhat underrated masterpiece one more time. 

More on this as we get it.