Simon Brew

Sep 21, 2017

Locksmith Animation will be making animated movies for 20th Century Fox in London…

We’ve been following the story of Locksmith Animation for some time now. The company was set up in 2014 to make high end CG animated features in the UK. The people behind it are long-time Aardman producer Julie Lockhart, Arthur Christmas writer/director Sarah Smith and Elisabeth Murdoch.

Previously, it looked as if Locksmith was going to making its film for Paramount Pictures. But yesterday, it was announced that the studio had entered into a deal with 20th Century Fox. This makes sense, too. Fox’s agreement to distribute DreamWorks Animation movies came to an end with the wonderful Captain Underpants, and whilst it still has a pipeline of films through Blue Sky Studios – Ferdinand is next – it has capacity for more movies on its slate.

Locksmith Animation will thus be aiming to release a new film every 12 to 18 months through the deal, and the first movie has already been greenlit. It’s not been named at this stage, but acclaimed effects house Double Negative will be realising the animated work for it. That work will be done in London.

Once we know just what that first feature is, we’ll let you know. It may even be ready for release by the end of next year.

As we hear more, we’ll keep you posted…