Simon Brew

Aug 10, 2017

Simon Kinberg is to oversee the screen adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer – that Deadpool's Tim Miller may direct…

William Gibson’s iconic 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer is being targeted for a movie, and this time there appears to be some solid progress on the project.

Previously, director Vincenzo Natali was attached to helm the movie of Neuromancer, but he’s no longer involved. Instead, Simon Kinberg is now producing the movie, and Deadpool’s Tim Miller is involved. Whether Miller will direct himself remains to be seen, but his VFX studio Blur is working on the Neuromancer adaptation. Miller, of course, has the small matter of the next Terminator film to direct, and there may well be a schedule clash here.

Neuromancer doesn’t have a screenplay in place yet, it should be noted, and hiring a writer is next on 20th Century Fox’s list for the film. It does suggest that the final film is some way off.

As we hear more on the movie, we’ll let you know…