Simon Brew

Sep 1, 2017

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been chatting about his Metal Gear Solid movie plans…

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts continues to press ahead with his plans to make a film based around the Metal Gear Solid games. And following his success over the summer with Kong: Skull Island, he’s got some blockbuster currency to help move things forward.

Vogt-Roberts has just also directed a live action trailer for the incoming Destiny 2 videogame, and in an interview with Eurogamer about that, he’s talked about his plans for Metal Gear Solid.

“I can’t go into it too much. It’s not a direct adaptation of any particular game”, he said. “It’d sound too much like a modern statement to call it a remix, because that’s not what it is, but it’s trying to fuse a couple of different storylines together, and it’s all tied together with a device I can’t really talk about right now but that I’m really excited about”.

“I think it’s going to make a movie where people go ‘whoah, I’ve not seen that before’, and that’s very cool. And I think it’s very Kojima in its approach”, he teased.

There’s no timescale as of yet for the film, although Vogt-Roberts continues to develop it. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more…

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