Matthew Byrd

Jul 17, 2017

The Marvel universe expands into virtual reality next year with Marvel Powers United VR, an Oculus Rift exclusive…

Disney has unveiled a new VR game based on the Marvel universe called Marvel Powers United VR. It’s an Oculus Rift exclusive that allows multiple players to assume the role of various Marvel heroes and team up to do battle against goons and more capable Marvel villains. While the game’s first trailer only showcases battles against thugs and bots, Disney indicated that the final game will feature famous villains from Marvel comics. 

As for the game’s heroes, the trailer features The Incredible Hulk, Rocket Racoon and Captain Marvel, but it stands to reason that the final version of the game will feature a much larger roster of playable heroes. The inclusion of Captain Marvel is particularly interesting as it suggests that heroes not included in the Marvel cinematic universe – at least not yet – might make an appearance in the game. 

Powers United‘s actual gameplay looks to be pretty standard fare so far as VR action titles go. Players will traverse various worlds via a first-person perspective and use the Rift’s motion controllers to independently operate weapons and powers assigned to both hands. The trailer indicates that there will be an “arcade-like” component to the action that keeps track of player’s kill streaks and similar statistics. 

Interestingly, it also seems like players will have access to special abilities unique to the character they are playing. The example of this show during the trailer involved the player controlling The Incredible Hulk performing a fist slam motion which was echoed by his virtual avatar. 

Marvel Powers United VR will be released sometime in 2018. You can check out the game’s first trailer below: