Matthew Byrd

Sep 20, 2017

This highly-anticipated survival shooter Left Alive boasts an all-star pedigree – and a cracking trailer. Check it out below…

At Tokyo Game Show 2017, Square Enix revealed a new project called Left Alive. The game is billed as a survival action shooter that seems to feature some kind of mech-based combat based on a previous teaser Square released a few months back.

The biggest news regarding Left Alive is the team that Square Enix has assembled to work on the game. Metal Gear Solid series artist Yoji Shinkawa has signed on as Left Alive‘s character designer and has already contributed some comfortably familiar characters as part of the game’s promotional materials. Meanwhile, Toshifumi Nabeshima (Armored Core, Chromehounds) has been brought on to direct the game. 

For those keeping count at home, that means that Square Enix has brought in ringers from studios like Konami and From Software to work on this already compelling title. While we’re hoping to learn more about Left Alive in the coming weeks, we do know that Square Enix plans on releasing Left Alive for PS4 and Steam sometime in 2018. 

Anyone familiar with Square Enix’s history knows that this is not the studio’s first foray into mech-based entertainment. In the mid-nineties, Square Enix (then just Squaresoft) released a tactical RPG series called Front Mission. Unfortunately, that series became a somewhat generic action title over time.

There’s no indication whether or not this game will mimic the Front Mission formula in any way, but the survival billing makes us think that this game could incorporate elements of titles like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and ARK: Survival Evolved.

Here’s the debut trailer: