Kick-Ass comic book author, Mark Millar, has been talking about a potential Kick-Ass sequel.

After Wanted made $350 million, Millar’s work has got Holly Woods attention. Kick-Ass, War Hero’s and American Jesus have been adapted for film and now Kick-Ass 2 is being plotted. It seems there is some urgency in starting the project because the actors are quite young and its important they don’t under go too many growth spurts.

Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall is an adaptation of the second graphic novel. It focuses on two rival gangs of super characters in New York. Dave had inspired people to become amateur super-hero’s and in the sequel Red Mist inspires them to become amateur super-villains.

Production is hoped to take place after director, Matthew Vaughn, releases X-Men: First Class.