Simon Brew

Dec 8, 2017

Behind the scenes changes are coming following the release of Justice League…

Warner Bros continues to lick its wounds over the well-below-expected critical and commercial performance of its big blockbuster hope, Justice League. And the film’s performance is now having ramifications for studio personnel.

Jon Berg, who has been heading up the comic book movie production division at Warner Bros, is set to leave his job to instead work on other Warner Bros projects. Berg had asked to move on from the post to become a hands-on producer, and that request has been granted.

Warner Bros is also now believed to be considering bringing its comic book movie slate under the stewardship of the main studio team, rather than a separate DC division. However, Variety reports that it’s looking for a new person to run its DC films. Geoff Johns is set to continue as DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer.

It also notes, as an aside, that there are currently no plans for Zack Snyder to direct another DC movie. Although given the tragedy he’s faced in his personal life, it may simply be that he doesn’t want to.

Warner Bros hierarchy aren’t too impressed with the financial performance of Justice League, goes the report, and any hopes it had of mirroring the success Marvel had with The Avengers are long extinguished. Furthermore, studio executives have apparently felt for some time that the choice to go with Steppenwolf as the main villain was a mistake.

Who the new DC movie chief will be remains to be seen. Aquaman and The Flash movies continue to press ahead as planned. We’ll keep you posted….