Simon Brew

Jul 26, 2017

La Femme Nikita-alike Ballerina is set to be the first John Wick spin-off movie…

John Wick 2 proved to be a solid hit earlier in the year, and Keanu Reeves is already committed to making John Wick 3, which looks set to start filming by the start of next year. Yet Lionsgate, the parent studio for the films, wants more. In fact, it’s looking to turn John Wick into a cinematic universe.

It’s come about thanks to Lionsgate picking up an action script called Ballerina, a female-led storey penned by Shay Hatten. With shades of La Femme Nikita, Ballerina is going to be repositioned as a John Wick spin-off movie. And that’s the springboard – along with John Wick 3 – that Lionsgate has been looking for.

It’s early days, though, and quite where this particular cinematic universe plan leads us remains to be seen. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more, though…