Simon Brew

Sep 12, 2017

John Carpenter may well be providing the score for the new Halloween movie, which is targeting an October 2018 release…

Following the two movies made by Rob Zombie, the Halloween movie saga is being rebooted again, and this time, director David Gordon Green it taking a stab at it. Crucially, the father of the series – John Carpenter – is back involved this time.

Green has penned the screenplay to the new movie with Danny McBride, and has given an update on its status at the Toronto Film Festival. There, he confirmed that the film is pressing ahead, and will be filming this autumn. Furthermore, the plan is to get the new Halloween in cinemas for – fittingly – October 2018.

Carpenter is also likely to write the score for the new film, and has given script notes on the screenplay that Green and McBride have penned.

More on the movie as we hear it…

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