Den Of Geek

Jul 28, 2017

How can you try and change things, if life seems relentlessly bad?

Life, you don’t need us to tell you, can be pretty bleak at times. Be it problems at work, problems at home, problems with health, or something that doesn’t easily fit into any category. What can be worse is if you can’t see any logical solution, or only a bleak one. Most of us have had dark moments like that, and we daresay some of you are in the midst of them.

The problem too is the assumption from people around you – and there’s no callousness in this, it’s just life – may very well be that all is good. They don’t see the sleepless nights, they can’t tap into the endless worry. That’s no slight on them, as chances are they’re battling umpteen problems of their own. It just doesn’t always make things easy for you.

What, then, can you do? Well, in line with the golden rules of Geeks Vs Loneliness, there’s no golden magic elixir here that will Statham all your problems away. Instead, just a few simple suggestions. Things that will hopefully help you break the cycle.

The crucial one is finding someone to talk to. In person, by phone, perhaps over the comments at the bottom of this article. Perhaps trust the Samaritans with a phone call (their number is 116-123 in the UK), an organisation that constantly reminds us that it’s keen to talk to people as much at the start of their tether than the kind. That guilt we sometimes get that we’re taking up a call when someone else could use it more? If you get that, next time, just chuck a quid in their collecting bucket. Because they do want to talk to you.

If you don’t talk to someone, and try and impress on them just how much you’re struggling, it makes it so much more difficult to break the cycle. The old mantra that a problem shared is a problem halved may not always hold water, but still: there’s something to it. We’d just question the exact fractions involved!

The other suggestion is to do something yourself to try and break the cycle. Very often, the answer to a big problem is to break it down into lots of small problems. That lots of small ideas may provide the answer. Why not try, then, something small? Maybe cook a meal, rather than get a take away. Go for a walk instead of firing up the PlayStation. Watching a new film rather than one you’ve seen before. Just something to stretch your mind away from the familiar for a little.

Just because everybody goes through difficult times doesn’t mean that yours don’t matter. They really do, no matter how oblivious everyone may seem to them. Please: try something just a little different to your usual routine. And keep trying.

We thank you as always for your time, and genuinely appreciate it.