Apparently a lot of people, namely girls, do a lot of thinking about their wedding while growing up. This romantic gene definitely wasn’t passed down to me and I generally see matrimony as nothing more than a way to get a new pair of shoes and some sparkly jewelry.

However, after an intense Google session, my mind towards having a wedding has been slightly altered if it means I get to have the following levels of awesome in it and a lot of traditional taken out of it. And when I say wedding, I just mean just that. I’d have a wedding for my cat  as an excuse to go out and buy all of this glorious stuff.

1. Rings

I can’t speak for most geek girls or even guys (he has to wear that piece of metal all the damn time as well), but when faced with the choice between a ridiculous Kim Kardashian diamond ring or one of these, my geeky side is going to always win. These options pack an awesome punch of 9000 especially if it also came out of a Pokemon engagement ring box!

How To Geekify Your Wedding | Dark Carnival

Champagne Glasses:

You’re gonna get shit faced at your wedding. Don’t try to deny it. You’re probably gonna need a drink to get your ass down that aisle so why not do it in style?

Whether you want to pledge your love to your liver in a truly romantic Star Wars way or want to drink to the heavens, these glasses will probably certify you and your significant other as one of the coolest couples your friends and family have ever known.


Weddings aren’t all about the women. Groomzilla’s are a thing now. Just tune into any one of TLC’s wedding programmes.


Yes. That is a handheld video game invite. ‘Nuff said.


Even if you are still swaying towards the traditional side of things, subtle geeky imagery in your wedding will still give it major awesome points and leave all your friends in envy wishing their significant other let them get away with such a kick ass wedding!

Geekify your nuptials, because you’re worth it.