Kirsten Howard

Aug 29, 2017

You'll be able to see the second season of Designated Survivor here in the UK very soon…

Kiefer. Is. Back.

Well, he will be. On Netflix. On September 28th. The streaming service is making new episodes of Designated Survivor‘s second season available less than 24 hours after they premiere over in the US on ABC.

In the first season, Tom Kirkman (our man Sutherland) was only the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, but he became President Of The United States in what can only be described as a very dramatic take on King Ralph – everyone above him in the line of succession was killed in a terrorist attack that for some reason Jack Bauer was unable to prevent, and now Kirkman’s the man in charge.

So what comes next? Well, here’s a brand new trailer. This might give you a few ideas…

The show started out with great ratings, but they dipped significantly toward the end of the first season. Major changes are rumoured to have taken place behind the scenes in an attempt to coax viewers back.

More as we have it.