With season 4 finished and still no news on when the next book is coming out,  my fix for all things Game of Thrones related is starting to look a little thin. In order to sedate my obsession, I have been thinking about getting a Game of Thrones tattoo for awhile now. And by a while, I mean before the TV series even started and by before, I mean before everyone else got on the bandwagon. I have been torn between two ideas which have stopped me from making any permanent ink homage to the series and during my travels through the internet I have stumbled upon some amazing pieces by equally obsessed fans.  So without further delay, here is my countdown of the top 9 Game of Thrones inspired tattoos:
9. The Three Eyed Crow

5 Game of Thrones
8. Robb Stark’s Dire Wolf Grey Wind

8 Game of Thrones

7. Dire Wolf with House Stark Words
7 Game of Thrones

6. Hand of the King Pin, Targaryen Dragon, Lannister Lion and Baratheon Stag

6 Game of Thrones
5. Three Eyed Crow Chest Piece

9 Game of Thrones
4. House Baratheon
4 Game of Thrones
3. Three Eyed Crow Hand Piece
3 Game of Thrones

2. Daenerys Targaryen

2 Game of Thrones
1. The White Walker

1 Game of Thrones

Have you got any/or planning to get any Game of Thrones or other fan fiction tattoos? Sound off in the comments!


By: Lauren Melnick