Thor has finally hit of big screens and it looks epic. If you haven’t seen it yet there a few things you should know before you do.

Who Is Donald Blake?

Throughout the comics Thor had an alter ego on earth. A doctor named Donald Blake. You won’t see him in the movie but its worth mentioning.

No More 60 Second Rule.

In the comic if Thor let go of his hammer for more than a minute he reverted back to Donald Blake. No Donald Blake so so stupid 60 second rule.

Meet J.Michael Stracynski.

This guy is super famous in Geekdom. He has written for plenty of comic’s, such as RisingĀ  Stars, Spider Man, Superman and Wonder Woman. He is also the genius behind Babylon 5. His relaunch of Thor a few years ago is nerdgasmic. He has a co-credit on the movie, which is why its getting such rave reviews.

The Nine Realms.

The Nine Realms are derived from Norse Mythology. They are the regions of humans, gods, more gods, giants, elves, the dead, the dark elves, the primordial realm of ice and the primordial realm of fire. They will probably be explored in sequels.

The Warriors Three.

Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg have been an important part of the comic for decades. These guys are Thor’s homeboys and thankfully the appear in the movie.

Thor’s Comic Roots.

Thor is one of Marvel’s oldest comics. He first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #83. The story has undergone some changes over the years with writers like Stan Lee, his brother, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby and Walter Simonson. Simonson’s writing for the character is considered to be one of the greatest in comic book history. J.Michael Stracynski’s relaunch was a great success with Oliver Coipel’s art.



So now that you know a bit more about our favorite Norse god you can dazzle your mates with your uber nerd knowledge, which may not guarantee you a hot date but will at the very least make you feel important.

Let us know what the movie is like when you go see it.