Simon Brew

Jul 28, 2017

Wonder Woman is set to land in your home this September. Assuming you buy a copy of the film…

There’s been no formal announcement yet, but Warner Bros is expected to reveal the release date and extra features for the home formats version of Wonder Woman any day soon. Patty Jenkins’ movie, starring Gal Gadot, is the top-grossing comic book movie of the year in the US, and a sequel was confirmed for release in December 2019 just this week.

The Digital Bits over in the US, a genuinely excellent and reliable site, now reckons that the disc release of Wonder Woman is coming on September 19th in America, and we’d expect that to be reflected over here too. As it’s a Warner Bros release, it’ll be available on DVD, Blu-ray and Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray, as well as streaming platforms.

A limited edition collectors’ box set is also being primed. We’ll update this post with the official announcement when we get it…

The Digital Bits