Den Of Geek

Jul 12, 2017

To salute the launch of Hour Of Devastation, we've got a special Magic: The Gathering competition for you…

We’ve got a brand new competition for you today – we don’t do these very often – and the loot this time is a bumper pack of Magic: The Gathering goodies.

The deluxe prize package is designed to get you start playing the game with a friend straightaway. The winner will get ready-made card decks (particularly useful for new players!), strategy guidance, play accessories and booster packs from Hour Of Devastation, the latest Magic set to be released on 14th July.

The winner, then, will get the following:

· Two brand new Planeswalker Decks from Hour of Devastation

· One Amonkhet Deckbuilder’s Toolkit

· Six Booster Packs from Hour of Devastation

· Two Ultra Pro Magic: The Gathering Playmats

To enter? You need to answer a question and do a little bit of form filling. The closing date for this competition is Friday 14th July at 23.59pm BST. Good luck!