Simon Brew

Nov 15, 2017

A gender-reversed take on the 2000 hit What Women Want is arriving in 2019…

Mel Gibson was at the height of his matinee box office powers when the middling rom-com What Women Want became a huge hit back in 2000. Directed by Nancy Meyers, this was the movie that saw Mel Gibson as an advertising executive who – courtesy of some electricity and a bath – became able to hear the inner thoughts of women. Helen Hunt co-starred in the movie, that went on to gross nearly $400m worldwide. Back when that was considered a lot of money.

Paramount, however, is now fast-tracking a remake of sorts, that’s going to gender flip the central idea. Now going by the name What Men Want, this time the film will be headlined by Empire and Hidden Figures star Taraji P Henson. Will Packer and James Lopez are set to produce, and Henson is executive producing.

The film still needs a writer and director, but it does have a release date. Paramount wants this one in cinemas on January 11th 2019. More as we hear it…