Growing up I was often mocked for my interests. Having a love for all things magical and mythical seemed to give others free license to make you feel like a complete outsider for it. While others were invited to parties, I was home indulging in my interests to my hearts content. Big group of friends? Not really, and at one stage I thought it was me.

But, I never let it bother me. I smiled when others called me weird. I didn’t let is drag me down when I wasn’t part of the cool crowd. They weren’t my crowd. It took me a while, honestly till after I was done with school, to realise that I wasn’t alone.

You see, something that being a geek teaches you, is that you don’t need the be “cool” when you watch that next instalment you’ve waited years for, because in that moment you are where you want to be. You can have heated discussions on theory and cannon without fear of judgement, because in that moment you are fighting for your fandom.

You don’t have to care what people think of you when you dress up as your favourite hero, because in that moment you are who you want to be.  You don’t have to be embarrassed about freaking out or fangirling when you see a part of your fandom in the everyday world.

You don’t have to be ashamed when you cry at the intro credits. You don’t have to be ashamed if you cry at the closing credits. You don’t have to be ashamed if you cry at the news of an idol’s passing.

Being a geek means you get to have a special thing added to your life, that forms your ideals, morals and dreams. A special thing that you can retreat to when you feel overwhelmed, a special thing that will always be there for you when you need it. A special thing that grows and evolves. A special thing that you can share.

Being a geek means you’re never really alone. Whether in the real world or online, it’s to be surrounded by people who not only share your fandom but accept it if they don’t. Being part of a community where you’re bound to find good company and new friends. A community to share your thoughts and ideas, a community where you can share your special thing and watch it blossom into so much more. A community where you might even discover something new.

Why conform to the mundane when you can let you love for a fandom and your imagination meld into one and let loose to its full potential. Especially in places it will be embraced. In places filled with energy and excitement about all things new and old surrounding that which you love.

Places where geeks of all kinds can congregate to celebrate that which makes their lives that little bit more awesome. That which makes their lives a lot more epic. Be it gaming, comics, fantasy or sci-fi. Series, movies, tabletop or robots. All are welcome in the wonder that is Geekdom.