This past Friday The Dark Carnival crew attended The TUKS FM 107.2 Rocktober Halloween Party at Arcade Empire. It had been a while since we partied in Pretoria and boy it didn’t disappoint.


After donning our costumes we set off on the long drive to the capital city. When we finally arrive at the venue there was a huge queue of witches, vampires and rather scantily clad zombies. It was a warm night, Pretoria obviously got the memo that it was Summer. The club was jam packed and it was so awesome to see the effort most of the people put into their costumes.


We hooked up with the TUKS FM crew and proceeded to party hardy. We were well impressed with the party the radio station and Arcade Empire put on. The bands were epic, the music was brilliant and the people just made it a night we will never forget.


We got to get on stage before The Narrow performed and hand out prizes for the best dressed guy and gal. There were so many fantastic costumes it was hard to choose.


Our Wookie was very popular that night and our Harley caused loads of mischief but I must say that I was most impressed by the gent dressed at one of the spirits from Spirited Away. I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan 🙂


Thanx so much to out friends at TUKS FM. You guys are freaking awesome!


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