Simon Brew

Oct 2, 2017

To celebrate its 30th birthday, The Princess Bride will be back in UK cinemas in three weeks…

The beloved The Princess Bride, the 80s fantasy classic from Rob Reiner that we can’t help writing about a lot, celebrated its 30th birthday last week. And fittingly, we now learn that it’s returning to cinemas to salute this fact.

Lionsgate will be bringing The Princess Bride back to the big screen for one day only, on October 23rd. What’s more, this isn’t a small release, with around 300 screens around the UK set to show the film.

Furthermore, a 30th anniversary DVD and Blu-ray set is also set for release on the same day. This doesn’t seem to have new features on it, but will include the original theatrical poster artwork.

The film should be open for booking right about now…