Holy cow! I can’t believe I only found out about this project a few days ago. The South African based ACT Animation Films has been producing a movie created, written and directed by Patrick Garcia since 2005.


The Body Defenders is a 3D computer animated sci-fi adventure film created by a team of 3D animators and artists who comprise mostly of students from a multitude of colleges, campuses and varsities spread all across South Africa.

American animation companies like Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney have hundreds or even thousands of professional animators and artists working full time on one project with budgets going into the 100’s of millions. The Body Defenders costs a fraction of that and has already attracted the interest of local and international distributors.

The story follows an army of white blood cells who reside in the great metropolis of Heart City. The main characters become genetically altered superheroes who are forced to flee as fugitives on the run after being injected and submerged with an antibiotic fluid that secretly alters and mutates their DNA. Perused by a top secret Special Forces organization, known only as the B.O.I (Biological Organisms Institute), and a power hungry scientist, the four main characters, Troy, Herc, Athena, and Vitamin A are perused at great lengths for the secrets to their new found powers. Amongst the chaos, residents of Heart city face their worst nemesis, and main antagonist, Bacteria, who has assembled a vast army of rampant carnivorous viruses so great in number that he plots to overthrow the great republic of the Human Body once and for all. Only with the bravery of these four reluctant heroes can they stand a chance to fight for their freedom, over though an organization, and save the millions who reside within the towering city walls of Heart City from immanent doom!


A variety of well known radio, tv and theater personalities are lending their voices to the film. Its so awesome to see some old school SA DJ’s will be among them. I reckon Harry Sideropoulos has the perfect voice for a villain.


Ryan Flynn as Troy
Jaz Hughes as Athena
Lyall Mabin as Herc
Marielise Van Rooyen, as Vitamin A
Harry Sideropoulos as Bacteria
Bruce Cameron Millar as Professor Calypso
Revin John as Professor Archer, Gordon Perry News Reporter
Keith Turner as The General (Tiberius)
Malcolm Gooding as Chief Scientist
Alex Jay as Scientist Assistant

The film is South Africa’s first 3D Animated Science fiction feature film and was created for theatrical release in stereoscopic 3D. The film is still currently in production and although no release date has been confirmed. I for one cannot wait for this movie to hit the big screens.

There currently is no trailer but the website promises is will be released soon. When its up I will post definitely post it.


Check out the official Body Defenders website here http://www.bodydefendersmovie.com