Bridget LaMonica

Mar 15, 2019

On Supernatural this week, Sam wishes for a happier life, while Dean and Jack go on a soul searching trip. Spoilers ahead…

This review contains spoilers.

14.15 Peace Of Mind

Sam, unexpected yet talented leader of a pack of new hunters, is feeling a strong loss after Michael’s rampage through the bunker. Sam counts himself responsible, and the effects on his psyche are shown through violent flashes throughout the bunker, first empty and pristine, then blood soaked and strewn with familiar bodies. 

To deal with this, Sam pulls a tactic out of Dean’s own playbook – avoiding talking about the subject and burying himself in his work. Too bad his work often involves hunting unspeakable evil. It’s no wonder that an idyllic world appeals, and maybe Sam was reluctant to shake off the hypnotism that brought him into this Stepford-y reality. 

With Sam and Cass as the buddy-cop duo, Cass ends up being the exasperated one dealing with Stepford Sam and he also ends up getting the funny lines, told in his usual deadpan. When the villain-of-the-week is telling Cass his story, he pauses for dramatic effect and asks, “And you know what happened next?” Without missing a beat Cass retorts, “No but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me.” That line right there, that’s on-par Supernatural, calling out how they still sometimes fall back on traditional villain cliches (i.e. explaining the backstory/plan) in order to move an episode along. 

Cass also has a great line in which the Mayor claims his powers make him God. Cass said, “God has a beard!” all hurt and matter-of-fact. He does, it’s just not like in Sunday school pictures.

Meanwhile, Dean takes Jack on a literal soul-searching road trip. Along the way, we get a funny little test Dean has devised to see what side Jack is on. He hands him an angel food snack cake and a devil food snack cake. He visibly sighs in relief as Jack tears into the angel food. It’s a silly gag but fun –like the inclusion of the Scooby Doo posters at the movie theatre in the town.

Having Jack meet with the Prophet Donatello makes sense, since the guy no longer has a soul. What Dean didn’t count on was that they still weren’t going to get any answers. There was, however, a really cool visual as Donatello explains what it feels like to not have a soul: a galaxy with a black hole in the centre. They show this visually as Donatello and Jack stir milk into their coffee, the black, brown and white colors swirling together. 

But if any question remains by the end of the episode, it may have been brutally answered by Jack saying he’ll help his “sad” snake by sending it to his friend – i.e. turning it to ash and killing it. 

I really, really did not want a soul-less Jack. We always knew it was a possibility, ever since the son of Lucifer was introduced on the show. But seeing this sweet kid losing that innocence and great potential for good because of a self-sacrifice? It hurts to see. Maybe season 15 will be the search for Jack’s soul. Yeah, I’m thinking that far ahead. 

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