Matthew Byrd

Aug 11, 2017

One of the best platformers ever made will be available on yet another console – Super Meat Boy's coming to the Nintendo Switch….

One of the best platformers of the modern era, Super Meat Boy, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

This news comes directly from Super Meat Boy creative studio Team Meat who announced via their Twitter account that the 2010 indie hit will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch as part of its unofficial tour of nearly every major gaming console and device. 

There is no release date available for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but it was announced that Blitworks – the team behind Super Meat Boy‘s excellent Wii U port – will be handling development of this port of the game as well. 

“I’m surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to the announcement for a port of an almost seven-year-old game,” said Team Meat via Twitter. “You are all the best.”

So why is it that Super Meat Boy‘s appeal has lasted so long? Well, part of it can be traced back to the impact of the game at the time of its release. In 2010, the indie game scene was still closer to an idea than it was a fully-fledged industry. Titles like Braid and Trials had alerted gamers to the kind of experiences smaller studios could churn out, but the indie revolution hadn’t quite come yet. 

Super Meat Boy – alongside games like Limbo – helped put the indie scene on more people’s radars by reviving a classic genre – the tough-as-nails 2D platformer – and updating it just enough as to take advantage of certain modern day innovations. It spoke to gamers who longed for that type of experience just as loudly as it spoke to those who didn’t have the chance to experience the genre in its prime. 

Of course, Super Meat Boy is also just an incredible game. It hasn’t aged a day and has only gotten better over the years thanks to the contributions of expansions and other add-ons.