I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the latest Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi. I’d thoroughly enjoyed Force Awakens and Rogue One, but my partner’s skepticism about Force Awakens had started to rub off on me, and the trailers had left me rather unenthused. Nonetheless, the hour and a half trip to the nearest cinema was made… and when I walked out of the cinema, I was grinning from ear to ear.

The movie wasn’t perfect – there were moments that I could have taken or left – but it was, without a doubt, fun. It had me giggling like a school girl at parts, cringing at others, but kept me on my toes throughout. I’m an avid Star Wars fan, so would likely have watched the movie over again a few times no matter what, but now I’m really looking forward to watching it again, trying to piece together things that I might have missed, and reliving the adventure. I think it captured the heart of Star Wars well, and I kind of wish that I could see it for the first time all over again.