Simon Brew

Aug 17, 2017

Aquaman is the DC film currently filming. Shazam, though, is going to be next in the queue…

David F Sandberg’s new film, Annabelle: Creation, has won solid reviews and good box office over the past week. But already, the helmer – who previously gave us Lights Out – is deep into his next film.

He’s making Shazam for Warner Bros, and as it turns out, it’s the next movie on the DC Extended Universe slate to shoot. He confirmed this in an interview with Filmriot, where he also added that the script for the movie is finished, and it’s pretty much full steam ahead.

He also touched on why Black Adam – set to be played by Dwayne Johnson – doesn’t feature in the movie, and is instead being spun into his own feature. The answer? Inevitably, so Shazam can focus solely on its main character. “There’ve been variations of the script, like before I came along, where.. you know, variations where Black Adam was in and out. But now, this is about Shazam”, Sandberg confirmed. Told you.

Exactly when production starts hasn’t yet been confirmed, although it’s unlikely to be until early 2018. But you can see the full interview here