Matthew Byrd

Sep 22, 2017

Our first look at Resident Evil 7's long-awaited DLC release – here's the trailer for Not a Hero…

Good news! Capcom has finally released a gameplay trailer for Resident Evil 7‘s previously delayed DLC release, Not A Hero

Fair warning: This trailer contains a pretty detailed look at the upcoming add-on. If you’re looking to remain entirely spoiler-free, you may want to avert your eyes.

As previously noted, Not A Hero will star Chris Redfield on a mission to clean up the sizeable mess that the final events of Resident Evil 7 caused. 

Based on the footage revealed thus far, it seems that Not A Hero is going to be much more action-oriented than the base game was. Not A Hero‘s UI even resembles one you might find in a more traditional action-oriented game. 

If Not A Hero proves to be an action-heavy title, that will certainly be an…interesting direction to take Resident Evil 7 in. Resident Evil 7 was billed as a return to more traditional survival horror and often functioned best as a pure horror game. The title’s opening hour is one of the best horror gaming experiences in recent memory. When the game took a turn towards action gameplay towards the end of the campaign’s story, many players felt that the overall experience suffered through a drop in quality. 

Still, it does make sense that Not A Hero focuses more on shooting and destruction considering that Redfield’s role in the game involved removal of the paranormal through explosives and bullets. If Not A Hero adds a few more enemy types to the base RE 7 experience, it could help turn one of the game’s weakest aspects into a strength. 

More good news: Not A Hero is free to all Resident Evil 7 owners, so you’ll be able to evaluate the add-on’s merits yourself when it releases on December 12.