Matthew Byrd

May 14, 2019

Rainbow Six Siege's reverse friendly fire mode is designed to punish trolls…

Rainbow Six Siege has officially introduced a new friendly fire system designed to punish those who shoot their own team by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

It’s called Reverse Friendly Fire, and Ubisoft offers an extensive breakdown of the new mechanic via this blog. The short version is that this new system is designed to allow people who are shot by a teammate to re-direct the bullets to the person that fired them while taking no damage themselves. The hope is that this will dissuade chronic team killers who may eventually get banned but are able to ruin other people’s games in the meantime.

The concept is incredible, but this system really stands out when you begin to breakdown the specifics. RFF is a surprisingly dynamic system that takes into account the specifics of the situation. For instance, Ubisoft seems to understand that friendly fire will happen from time to time. That’s why the system won’t simply kick in just because a little damage is done. However, it may eventually affect those who consistently damage their teammates even if they don’t actually kill them.

RFF also accounts for variables caused by different weapons and items. If you shoot a teammate with a drone, it causes the damage to be bounced back towards the drone. Explosives currently don’t seem to trigger RFF, but Ubisoft plans on fixing that. 

A few flaws aside, this is a fascinating solution to a problem that has plagued gaming since the very first friendly fire options. While friendly fire hasn’t been as popular in more modern titles, a game like Rainbow Six Siege would feel strange without it. As such, RFF offers an eloquent solution to retain the threat of friendly fire without making it an outright tool for trolls.

While the newly-announced Ghost Recon game is hogging most of the headlines these days, those who haven’t done so lately should really take another look at Rainbow Six Siege. It’s turned into one of the best competitive shooters on the market and offers an incredible amount of content. And as long as you play nice, the game won’t punish you…