Cards Against Star Wars


  • Cards Against Star Wars is a must-have for any die-hard Star Wars Fan:
  • Combining everything you love about Cards Against Humanity and the Star Wars franchise.
  • You will not believe how inappropriate this game is.
  • It has every character from Episode 1 through to 7
  • and all the stuff in between.

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Cards Against Star Wars | Star Wars Cards Against Humanity Description

Cards Against Humanity is back with a brand new belly-laughing set of the incredibly popular adult game – this time with an all-new Star Wars twist that’s sure to get you and your horrible friends in hysterics.

Unlike most of the adult party games you’ve ever played before, this atrocious card game is just as wicked as your dark sense of humour – if not more! Packed full of hilarious, despicably evil and unashamedly rude questions and answers, Cards Against Star Wars is sure to turn you over to the dark side as you fail to contain the irresistible urge to laugh!

The rules of the game are simple: to start the game, each player draws ten white cards and the Card Czar reads aloud one black card, comprised of either a question or a statement with blank spaces. Once read, each player must answer the question or fill in the blank by choosing one of their white cards and passing it over to the Card Czar face down. Now for the fun part – the Card Czar must read aloud the black card with each of the player’s answers, and the one who gets the most giggles wins the round. Rotate the role of the Card Czar at the end of each play, set as many rounds as you’d like and let the endless hilarity ensue!

Unleash your sinister side and join forces with the deplorable Emperor Palpatine with Cards Against Humanity Star Wars. Be warned, your friends and family may never see you the same way again!


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