Kirsten Howard

Nov 3, 2017

Ahead of the series 4 premiere, get a quick reminder of the story so far with this nifty animated recap of Peaky Blinders series 1-3…

Oi, oi! All you Peaky Blinders fans out there chomping at the bit for series 4: we hear you, and we’re just as excited. Still, if you’re anything like us, there may be a few gaps in the old memory when it comes to the first three series of the Cillian Murphy-starring drama.

Luckily, the BBC have anticipated our need for a quick reminder by commissioning Liquid TV to produce an animated recap of all things Peaky to bring us back up to speed before series 4 of the Birmingham-set smash hit show gets underway, and they’ve created a wonderful little film by digitally painting the characters we’ve grown to know and love in 3D space.

Watch ‘The Story So Far’ below…

Peaky Blinders series 4 will begin on Wednesday 15th November at 9pm on BBC Two.