Warranty Policy

Thank you for your interest in the products and services of Saber Vault. Dealing with Saber Vault is a very straightforward and easy process and our Warranty is no different.

Our Warranty Period is 6 Months from the date of delivery.

During the Warranty Period, Saber Vault will repair, replace or accept returns of Sabers that prove to be defective because of improper material or workmanship.

Some parts are intended to wear out with use, like the blades, and some items wear out over time, like the rechargeable batteries. Normal wear and tear on these items is to be expected and is not a defect. However, if you feel these items did not give you the life you expected, please contact us anyway. Your satisfaction is paramount and we will go to great lengths to keep you a happy customer.

To obtain a warranty service, please email us at info@nullsabervault.co.za  to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you.

Saber Vault Warranty Terms:

  • In terms of the Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”), all item(s) sold to Consumers (as defined in the CPA) shall carry a 6 month warranty against defects.
  • Accordingly, in the event that item(s) which are sold to customers (termed “Consumers” in the CPA) are found to be defective within 6 months from the date of delivery of the item(s) to the customer, the customer shall be entitled to return the item(s) to Saber Vault and to demand the repair of the item(s) or the  replacement of the item(s) or a refund on the condition that:
    1. The customer informs Saber Vault via email to info@nullsabervault.co.za, as soon as possible after the customer becomes aware of the defect, but within 6 months after delivery / collection of the item(s).
    2. The customer returns, at his/her own expense,  the item(s) to Saber Vault within the 6 month warranty period together with all accessories that were sold with the defective item;
    3. Saber Vault may inspect and / or test the item(s) so as to confirm the defect. Inspection may determine that:

3.1 The item(s) are indeed defective in which case Saber Vault shall refund the customer the delivery charges incurred for the return of the item(s) to Saber Vault; refund/repair/replace the item as per the customer’s preference.

3.2  If the item(s) are found not to be defective the customer will be notified of this finding and informed of the associated cost of return.

  • The following shall not be regarded as “defects” in the item(s):

Important: Whilst these Sabers are highly durable, use of the Sabers for duelling is done entirely at the users own risk. Any damage caused by user abuse or improper handling, is not covered under the warranty. Saber Vault cannot be held liable for any damage or injury caused from the use of our products.

    1. Faults resulting from duelling or normal wear and tear; including cosmetic damage;
    2. Damage arising from duelling, negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the item(s);
    3. Damage arising from electrical surges;
    4. Damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the item(s);
    5. Damage arising from unauthorized alterations or disassembly to the item(s);
    6. Where the specifications of the item(s), although accurately described on the web site and generally fit for its intended purpose, does not suit you.
    7. Damage to mechanical connections after 90 days of date of purchase;
    8. Damage to electrical connections (USB ports etc) after 14 days of date of purchase as these items are susceptible to damage from static electricity discharge and charging adapters which do not comply with applicable standards and are beyond Saber Vault’s control.