Kirsten Howard

Jul 21, 2017

After successfully bringing Fargo and Legion to the small screen, Noah Hawley is creating a Doctor Doom movie for Fox…

Noah Hawley has very much become part of the Fox family over the last decade, having created and developed hit TV shows Legion and Fargo, but now it seems he’s moving on to developing movies for them, too. Perhaps the most surprising part, however, is what he’s decided his first project will be.

Hawley announced as SDCC this week that he’s developing a Doctor Doom movie for Fox. The studio has previously attempted three wobbly-at-best Fantastic Four movies, which all featured supervillain Doom in one capacity or another, but if anyone can make a standalone Doom project work, it’s Hawley. Whether he’ll be directing the film as well as writing, only time will tell, but he’s certainly no stranger to calling the shots at this point.

Legion's Noah Hawley developing a Doctor Doom movie

Fans are now speculating as to whether the Doctor Doom movie will follow the lead of Fox’s more successful, adult-orientated superhero efforts like Logan and Deadpool, or try to appeal to a younger audience once more. We’d wager they’d plump for the former approach, with Hawley on board.

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