I am Taryn Sabbioni. I’m a proud geek, which you can tell by my ever-growing comic statue and Funko Pop collection, my penchant for cosplay and a chronic case of gamer’s thumb.

I’m a DC girl at heart, brought up admiring and respecting the Dark Knight, who proved that people without powers could be heroes too (if only they were multimillionaires) but I also love the more lighthearted comic stylings of the Marvel Universe who bring colour and humour (not you Infinity War) that balances the darkness of DC. I grew up on the original Star Wars movies and as a young girl had a crush on Luke Skywalker, but changed allegiances to Han Solo when I became a rebellious teenager.

I’m a gamer girl, formerly Xbox-lover-turned-PS4 convert, with a love of open world RPG’s with breathtaking graphics, like Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn and Assasin’s Creed Origins. My love of comic books feeds into the series I watch, although admittedly Marvel series like Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage have won me over more than DC’s cheesier offerings such as The Flash and Green Arrow. I also love fantasy so enjoy series such as Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

I’m truly honoured to be named Dark Carnival’s Geek of the Week and feel this is one step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a superhero…if only I could get access to Bruce Wayne’s fortune!

Thanks again, I feel really lucky and proud and I LOVE all that Dark Carnival does and stands for! 💜