Nick Harley

Jul 20, 2017

The Conjuring 2 writer David Leslie Johnson will write the latest Body Snatchers remake…

Body snatchers are evergreen. A(nother) remake of the science fiction staple Invasion Of The Body Snatchers is in development at Warner Bros., according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After the idea of a silent alien invasion that threatens to turn the world’s population into a horde of replicant drones was published by Jack Finney as a magazine series called The Body Snatchers, direct adaptations and countless other films and TV shows have made Finney’s concept a specific sci-fi genre.  Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956), which stuck closely to Finney’s source material, and a 1978 remake starring Donald Sutherland, are considered horror classics, so it’s no wonder Warner Bros. is looking to return to the well.

David Leslie Johnson will pen the script for the new Snatchers. Johnson has had success writing The Conjuring 2 for the studio and has been hired once more to pen that films upcoming sequel. Johnson is also hard at work on another high-profile horror remake, New Line/Warner Bros.’ Nightmare On Elm Street. John Davis (I, Robot, Chronicle) will produce.

It’s early goings on this, so there is no director, cast, or release date to reveal at the moment, but after creating a successful franchise with The Conjuring, horror seems to be a priority for Warner Bros at the moment. we’d expect an exciting talent to be behind the camera.