Ryan Lambie

Jul 3, 2017

Strategy spin-off Hey! Pikmin hits the 3DS this month. A new video shows how the game looks and plays…

We may have to wait a little while for Pikmin 4 – a sequel Shigeru Miyamoto recently announced is definitely in the works – but to tide us over, there’s always this charming little handheld spin-off to tinker with.

If you thought the original Pikmin games owed a certain debt to the strategy-puzzler classic, Lemmings, then the Nintendo 3DS side adventure Hey! Pikmin makes the link more plain than ever. In essence, it puts Pikmin’s mechanics in the context of a 2D platformer, with the player shepherding his army of sentient radishes across a landscape of traps and puzzles. The little Pikmin have their usual array of powers that come in handy – their ability to carry stuff, reach high places and flip switches – but their lack of self-preservation makes them just as prone to death by fire, drowning, or the gnashing teeth of predators.

Like any good platformer, there are tonnes of tinkets to collect, with the overall goal being to trade the things you find for Sparklium – the substance that powers Captain Olimar’s space ship. It all looks thoroughly adorable, though we should add that it’s the work of Arzest, the studio behind the somewhat disappointing Yoshi’s New Island, so it may be a good idea to hold those expectations in check. 

Again, it sure looks cute, though. Hey! Pikmin is out on the 28th July for the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s the trailer…