Hi, I’m Bryn, aka: Cybermoo!

I am 35 years old and am a member of arguably ‘the greatest geek generation’ to date,

At a very young age I was indoctrinated by my parents and exposed to Sci-Fi, fantasy and every conceivable sub-culture (steam-punk, science fantasy, cyberpunk and the list can go on…). This was achieved through many platforms such as movies, boardgames (Settles of Catan, Carcasonne and traditional Monopoly, Risk etc…), comics, trading card games (the likes of Magic the Gathering), various role-playing universes spanning classic D&D through to Vampire the Masquerade and including Munchkin! :p

I attended all the GENCON/ICON conventions and got to geek out with my fellow peers.

From a technological perspective I was incredibly fortunate to witness the creation of the internet from its dial-up infancy to broadband superiority; evolution of the mobile phone into the smart-phones that we all love and use today; the jump from terrestrial TV to online streaming; the surrealism of how 8-bit graphics morphed over the years into the insane HD ‘RTX ON’ experiences.

Through these years I’ve been privileged to have been exposed to consoles from all walks of life, PC’s from frustrating incompatible components to ‘PC Master Gaming Race’ systems. I’ve worked on MAC, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Unix and every flavour thereof…

Today I work as an IT Security Specialist continuing my technical geek in the incredibly exciting world of cybersecurity. Through the progress of my career I’ve setup a stable and sustainable method to fund a vast array of the corruption that my parents so gleefully introduced to me those many years ago. =^.^=

Thankfully my wife generously keeps me on a chain by allocating a set budget for my monthly comic call-orders, game purchases for my PS1, PS2, Nintendo Switch, New DS, PC4, PC and can you believe it mobile as well! :p

Yes, I’ve built a man-cave for myself and my son, we jam some serious Minecraft over the weekends and binge watch that Anime has to offer! @.@

SOOO much more to talk about and such little time, a proper geek dilemma I suppose…


Find me online pretty much everywhere as ‘Cybermoo’, see ya all on the flip flop!